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• 7/14/2015

You know when you play to much Terraria when you....

So this is basically a game, but not a game. You basically say something that you've played too much. As in, you do stuff related to it from playing too much. For Example:
Everything you think of relates back to Terraria.
When you find a horseshoe and think that you can leap off cliffs without dying.
You wag school to play Terraria and so on....
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• 8/8/2014


Recently two of my old friends left the wiki including our main coder without a coder the wiki will grow slower than everif you are a good wiki coder sign up in the comments
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• 8/8/2014

1.2 Coming Soon

Recently 505 games has been posting on twitter about terraria ios 1.2 coming out! Although we have no release date, we do know they are porting everything from pc and console to mobil devices, including hardmode.Here are all of the photos posted by 505 games!
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