Weapons are tools used for killing Monsters. They are either crafted, found randomly in chests or rare drops from certain Monsters.

Broadswords Edit

Broadswords are the weapons that has an arc when you swing. Some of the notable ones are crafted from the four base ores, Muramasa and Night's Edge.

Shortswords Edit

Unlike Broadswords, Shortswords stab directly in front of you. Shortswords have a very short range. The only Shortswords in the game are crafted from the four base ores. It is not recommended to craft this weapon for combat as their range is pitiful.

Spears Edit

Spears are long weapons which can be used for crowd control. These cannot be crafted. Like Shortswords, spears attack with a stabbing motion. However spears exceed Shortswords in both reach, and aim. Unlike Shortswords that can only either stab straight to the left or right, Spears can be aimed in any direction.

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