Zombies are monster that only spawn at night. Zombies are only dangerous in packs and when unprepared. Zombies are one of the two main monsters that spawn at night, the other main monster is the Demon Eye. Zombies have 7 other varients (Bald zombie, Pincusion zombie, Slimed zombie, Female zombie, Swamp zombie, Raincoat zombie and Eskimo zombie.)

Drops: (all varients)

  • Wooden Arrow (100% Pincusion zombie)
  • Slime staff (0.01% Slimey zombie)
  • gel (1-3 100% Slimey zombie)
  • Zombie Arm (0.04%)
  • Shackle (2%)
  • RainHat and Raincoat (2% Raincoat zombie)
  • Eskimo Hood, Coat and Pants (0.67% Eskimo zombie)
  • Zombie Banner (0.5%)

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